What is Pet Tree?

Pet Tree is a miniature living plant - a cactus or a succulent, placed in a small transparent container with a piece of string for suspension.

It is a unique gift

Accessories, suitable for key chains, bags, work stations, computers or anywhere you want to add a little freshness and eco-individuality.

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A small gift
with great charm

Are you curious?

Pet Tree collection

You have just received your first Pet Tree

Pet Tree upkeep

You have opened the wrapping and are now getting to know and enjoy your brand new lovely friend.

As any other living being, it needs care and attention. You don't have to be an expert on gardening in order to learn how to sustain life in the mini-container.

If you are careful and don't forget about your friend, it will grow right before your eyes and will eventually take its well-deserved place among the other flowerpots.


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